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Engineering Trades Australia specialises in providing highly skilled professionals for Process & Stores roles.

With extensive industry experience, our team understands the technical requirements of these key positions.

We provide Process Operators to ensure efficient and safe production processes while operating and monitoring equipment, troubleshooting, and maintaining quality standards.


Our stores and warehouse staff are available to assist with inventory and supply management, optimising material ordering, storage, and distribution. The experience pools of Yard Persons and Utility Workers are able to provide support for outdoor/indoor maintenance tasks, including equipment and supply handling, storage, and organisation.

We prioritise delivering top-quality recruitment services, connecting our clients with the industry's best talent.


Key roles we fill:

  • Process Operators 

  • Field Technicians 

  • Laggers 

  • Stores & Warehouse 

  • Yard Persons 

  • Utility Worker 

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