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We specialise in providing highly skilled and experienced professionals for production Drill & Blast services. 

We leverage our deep industry knowledge and extensive networks to support mining companies and contractors in sourcing top talent.

Our recruitment services encompass essential roles for Drill & Blast. This includes Production Drillers who are competent in operating a range of rigs, ensuring adherence to drilling plans and safety protocols. We also provide Shot Firers for safely loading, priming, and detonating explosives according to the blasting plan, with a strong focus on worker safety compliance.

In addition, our offerings extend to Drill Fitters for maintaining drilling equipment and addressing breakdowns. We supply Offsiders who are experienced in assisting drillers, and Bomb Crew for collaborating with shot firers to load and detonate explosives in a controlled and secure manner.

We diligently select candidates with diverse experience in various environments and scenarios. By matching the specific needs of our clients, we ensure that the professionals we provide are highly capable, safety-conscious, and effective in their work.


Key roles we fill:

  • Production Driller

  • Shot Firer

  • Drill Fitter

  • Driller Offsider 

  • Bomb Crew

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