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We specialise in providing highly skilled professionals to meet all your Engineering & Access Trades requirements.

Our focus is on ensuring that our fixed plant maintenance staff possess the relevant skills needed for your specific scope of work, including welding, fabrication, fitting, assembling, and repairing various types of equipment and machinery.

Our experienced riggers and scaffolders are dedicated to delivering safe and efficient lifting and access solutions, while our crane operators bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in operating various types and sizes of cranes. We also have a team of skilled painters and blasters who excel in preparing surfaces and applying paint or coatings to ensure a high-quality finish.

In addition, we offer highly skilled trades assistants who can provide invaluable support to your skilled professionals on various projects. Through our extensive networks of candidates and clients, we have the capability to source and provide the best-suited professionals tailored to your specific needs.


Key roles we fill:

  • Boilermakers/Welders

  • Mechanical Fitters

  • Riggers

  • Scaffolders

  • Crane Operators

  • Painters & Blasters

  • Trades Assistants

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