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Engineering Trades Australia is your trusted recruitment partner for Fabrication projects. 

With our extensive industry experience and understanding of the technical requirements, we specialise in providing highly skilled professionals to meet your specific needs.

Working with a variety of materials, our team of Boilermaker / Welders excel in fabrication, repair, and maintenance, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your operations. They bring their expertise to construct and maintain tanks, pipes, and structures, guaranteeing that the end product is reliable and meets industry standards.

Our Fitter & Turners, CNC Operators, and Machinists have expertise in fault diagnosis, repairs, and the manufacture of new parts, ensuring your machinery operates at its best. Their attention to detail guarantees the accurate manufacture of components for your specific requirements.

Our Trades Assistants provide invaluable support to tradespeople, handling tasks such as cleaning and maintenance. They ensure that tools and equipment are in optimal condition, assisting in the smooth execution of your projects.


Key roles we fill:

  • Boilermakers 

  • Mechanical Fitters 

  • Welders 

  • Fitter & Turner 

  • Machinist 

  • CNC Operator 

  • Trades Assistant 

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